April 10, 2009

The LeRoy Neiman Art Center is announcing a new professional development series for teaching artists, arts administrators, teachers – basically, anyone who’s involved in arts education.

Download the PDF here: pdlnac-flyer


Welcome to the LeRoy Neiman Art Center blog!

October 23, 2008
The Arts Horizons LeRoy Neiman Art Center, located at 2785 Frederick Douglass Blvd., in Harlem, New York,  is a new program established with the generosity of the renowned painter, LeRoy Neiman.  Enjoy reading and spread the word!

digital media reel – winter 2009

April 10, 2009

Check out some of the work our younger students did in their Winter 2009 – Digital Media Lab. In the spring, we’re going to take their storytelling skills to the next level and beyond. Stay tuned!

art and intuition, pt. 1

April 10, 2009

deborah-intuitive-01 deborah-intuitive-021 deborah-intuitive-03

deborah-intuitive-04 deborah-intuitive-05 deborah-intuitive-06

deborah-intuitive-07 deborah-intuitive-08

Fall Exhibit 2008

December 24, 2008

Our inaugural student work exhibit, featuring the art from our twelve-week fall semester. On display at the Center through January 2009.

Sculpture Class – blind contour exploration

November 21, 2008

Students spent several sessions practicing and working through the process of blind contour exercises. We then used wire as our drawn line, recreating our drawn 2-D works into 3-D objects – exploring the quality of their drawn line along with the space that the object now takes up. The images shown here represent a blind contour drawing done of another student, and the wire rendering of that drawing – in 3-D space.

This project is exciting on a number of levels. I am most interested in opening the students’ eyes to deeper perception and observation as daily practice. One beautiful discovery was the students recognizing the shadows that their wire sculptures cast – essentially completing the circle of 2-D drawing to 3-D object, back to 2-D drawing!

Sculpture Class – drawing with wire & capturing shadows

November 21, 2008

Our quest this quarter has been to explore positive and negative space through various sculpture materials. We have begun this exploration through the BLIND CONTOUR DRAWING project which included several sessions of the students looking at, and drawing their own hands.  The first few drawings attempted proved generic and engagement was lacking.  At some point, connections were made within each student – realizing there was an exciting connection being made in their own brains… truly observing and attempting to document what they see!  As the lightbulbs started to go off, students started to commit to the process and really explore what they were capable of.

Once buy-in was attained, deeper connections could start to be made.  These images are of the students exploring the use of wire and pliers to create their blind contour drawings three dimensionally.

Art Gallery I

October 23, 2008